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We’re All In This Together: Preservation As Community

History is happening right before our very eyes. 


The current COVID-19 pandemic is having a drastic impact on all our lives. From physical distancing and staying closer to home during this extended quarantine period, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with daily news reports and the isolating nature of being apart from the people and places we love.

We know you love history and preserving the places and stories that make Williamson County such a special place to live. At the Heritage Foundation of Williamson County, preservation is at the heart of all we do. During ongoing uncertainty, historic organizations, including the Heritage Foundation, are striving to respond in anticipation of the impact coronavirus may have on our community, our state and our nation.

While the world around us is in a constant state of change, we are charting new territory in how we bring preservation to our community. Our preservation team is diligently working to create innovative virtual tools to engage and encourage a common bond in our community.

In 1967, the Heritage Foundation began preserving places that matter, collecting and capturing stories of people who called Williamson County home. This provides us all with a window into the past to experience what happened during periods of remarkable growth, social change and a community, ravaged by the effects of battles, death, and even disease during the American Civil War.

And now, 53 years later, the Heritage Foundation continues to reflect upon the history collected by saving places and stories to better understand the lasting impacts of the past on our present situation.

Be A Part of History In The Making! 

The Heritage Foundation is actively documenting the impact of COVID-19 on Williamson County. Our missional commitment to preserve places and stories tied to our personal experiences is so important to what we are doing during this time.

Just like so many before us who documented their stories for future generations, it is your documentation – of your experience of living during the time of COVID-19 that will allow the Heritage Foundation to share your history – with others for generations to come.

Your story is important and inspirational.

The Heritage Foundation is seeking anyone or any organization, from different backgrounds, cultures, and ages to contribute their stories to our online journal. A personal perspective from a school-aged child or teenager, to a working professional shifting focus from the office to home office, to an older adult living alone, to our front line health care workers, will fill our time capsule with remarkable stories of hope, courage, strength, resilience, and thought-provoking emotions that captures our place – your place – in this very historic moment.

We encourage our educators, administrators, business professionals, and families to consider making this an engaging project for your students, staff, or extended family.

Not Sure Where To Begin or How To Get Started?

Our preservation team provided helpful tips below for how best to begin your journaling journey during quarantine.

Journal your own emotional response and/or reaction to the following life changing situations:

  • The absence of school, homework routines, or Spring sports
  • Working from home
  • Sudden job loss
  • Falling ill or knowing someone (friend, family, or work colleague) who is or became ill
  • The ongoing news and medical reports surrounding COVID-19
  • Taking on a new part-time job
  • Balancing working from home while engaging your children in their schoolwork
  • Changes to prior living routines, grocery shopping, attending church services, going to restaurants, movies, concerts, etc.

Include your at-home activities:

  • What new books are you reading, if any?
  • Are you cooking more or are your supporting your favorite local restaurants?
  • What new movies are you watching, or television series are your streaming during this time?
  • In what new ways are you engaging with friends and family while in quarantine?
  • Have you picked up a new hobby? If so, what is it?
  • Have you volunteered to help at a local food bank or make face masks for frontline healthcare workers and hospitals? How does this make you feel?
  • What is your preferred music? Classical or Christian? 80s Rock or Hip Hop? Or is it something else?
  • Has your workout routine shifted? If so, what is it?

Additional ideas to consider regarding specific areas you are currently associated with or have been associated with during COVID-19:

  • What is your greatest struggle during the COVID-19 quarantine?
  • How have your children reacted to the absence of school?
  • If you recently became unemployed, how are you coping with job loss?
  • If you are an essential worker, what steps are you taking to keep yourself and/or your family safe?
  • If you are a doctor, nurse, hospital administrator, adult caregiver, or frontline emergency medical professional what is your daily routine?
  • If you are an educator, how are you staying connected to your students?
  • If you are a church pastor or religious leader, how are you connecting with your congregations during quarantine?
  • If you are a small business owner, how has COVID-19 impacted or affected you and your business?

As you begin journaling, we recommend keeping a log of your daily routines, noting any sudden changes or shifts in your life. Or if journaling is not your strong suit, our online time capsule is designed for collecting artwork, drawings, videos or objects you think are important for us to collect as a reminder of COVID-19. Upload as often as you would like to the online journal time capsule.

Be creative. Be genuine. And most of all, be yourself.

During the days and weeks ahead, we encourage each of you to look to history. History instructs, inspires, and instills hope. Nothing will ever replace our prior lifestyles. However, as the Heritage Foundation, we plan to #KeepItGoing by offering support to our local small businesses, encouraging our community to reflect upon this moment in our lives, and continue to be the anchor in Williamson County for our past, our present and our future by providing opportunities, like our online journal, to connect with you in community.

We are anxiously awaiting the day we may all be back together, in our offices, churches, schools, recreational spaces, and most importantly with our friends and families. Until then, we’re all in this together, preserving community and history for our collective future.


CLICK HERE to go to the online time capsule submission page.