Preserve Williamson

Preserve Williamson harnesses the power of historic places across Williamson County by advocating for the preservation of our historic cultural and natural resources for the benefit of all citizens. Although the Heritage Foundation’s mission remains the same as when we first began in 1967, our work has adapted, our strategies diversified, and our approach modernized. Through Preserve Williamson, we will remain at the forefront of the preservation movement creatively working to preserve places and stories, affect positive policy change to sustain the unique character and historic charm so our shared history can be enjoyed for generations to come.


Preserve Williamson is a community-centered campaign to safeguard Williamson County’s quality of life by protecting greenspace, the built environment, and championing smart growth.

Core Values

Preserve Williamson seeks to unite Williamson County residents with a proactive, solutions-driven approach. Meeting each community's diverse preservation needs will require a diplomatic and transparent process, but we will empower residents to advocate for their local historic resources.

Our Plans

Preserve Williamson may approach each community's needs differently, but there are some core aspects that will remain the same. The Heritage Foundation will hold meetings with key community stake holders, launch a "Town Hall on the Road," host industry roundtables and panels, and leverage community comments through the forms below.

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"Preservation gives us a richer understanding of our own history, and a more complete sense of ourselves."

Senator Bill Frist