Calling all Preservation Advocates, Community Connectors, and History Lovers in Williamson County!

By Rachael Finch, Senior Director of Preservation, Education, & Advocacy


As our county continues to change, the Heritage Foundation of Williamson County, TN continues to monitor and advocate for the preservation of our historic and cultural resources. Though our county is growing at a rapid rate, it can also accommodate thoughtful new development while protecting and celebrating its historic character and cultural heritage. Through our advocacy and community engagement initiatives, we can make a significant impact on the work of preservation in the county as well as support the efforts of others – nonprofits, municipalities, and private property owners – who also advance historic preservation throughout Williamson County.

Over the past few years, we’ve fielded dozens of inquiries and requests for help from local nonprofit partners and property owners on how to best preserve or save neighborhoods, homes, and cemeteries and the number of inquiries will increase due to ongoing development and population density. While growth and development are not inherently bad, they can place strain on our historic and cultural resources if not appropriately monitored, managed, or maintained. So, what can we you do? For starters, join the Heritage Foundation to stay informed on the ongoing happenings in our communities across the county. Our members get firsthand access to upcoming preservation, education, and advocacy projects.

Maybe you’re curious about ways to learn more about preservation and how to advocate for historic places and spaces but do not know where to start? Or maybe you want a refresh on the ins and outs of grassroots preservation advocacy and how to get involved in community efforts to preserve places, spaces, and stories pertaining to our local history. If so, we want to personally invite you to a special event at The Franklin Theatre on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, at 6pm. Bari Beasley, President & CEO of the Heritage Foundation and I will be co-presenting, “Historic Preservation: A Community Guide to Preservation Advocacy and Action.” We’re sharing tools and tips for community advocacy, cases studies, and best practices for promoting preservation in our ever-changing world.

So, who’s ready to advocate? Because advocacy is at the heart of what we do!