Pandemic Time Capsule


Be part of history in the making! At the Heritage Foundation of Williamson County, we care deeply about the people and places that make our community special. For more than 53 years, we continue to preserve and collect letters, scrapbooks, photographs, journals, diaries, slides, objects and artifacts in our archives that document our collective experiences in Williamson County. In other words, we #KeepItGoing.

Today, we recognize above all, we are contending with the knowledge of the unknown at this very unprecedented, historic time. As a community-centric organization, we have given thought to how we appropriately respond to what is happening in our county, state, nation and around the world surrounding COVID-19. As we launch our new initiative, Keep It Going, we want to tell our story – your story – of how you and your family are experiencing and becoming more familiar with “the new normal” as we strive to understand what it means to be a part of a pandemic.

We are looking for the following:

Writings – A journal post you would like to share with us about your feelings, thoughts and experiences.
Photographs – We would love to see what you and your family are doing to stay focused and #KeepItGoing. Please let us know who is in the photo and permission to use, post and archive your picture.
Drawings and/or Paintings – This would be a great place for children to share their experiences as well.
Short Video Clips – (We would love to hear from and see you and your family! Please send your videos through email to

How to Help Us Collect Your Story

We created a virtual/online resource to help you share your stories, photographs, videos and/or any other item(s) you wish to share so future generations may better understand what this experience was like for all Williamson Countians.

Why Your Story Matters

Every item we have in our entire collection tells a story. Stories allow us to hear the voices and see the people from our past who lived through wide-ranging moments of the human experience including love, loss and life. Through the items in our collection, we gain an understanding of their trials as well as their triumphs, their joys and their sorrows. And yes, we can even understand the mundane moments of everyday life – what the weather was like, the solitude of rural landscapes, the beauty surrounding flowers and foliage, local parades and festivals, the creation of neighborhoods, high school football games, birthday celebrations, and church anniversaries.

Please take the time to carefully read and respond accordingly to each field in this form before uploading and sending us your item(s). It is very important we have your permission to use and share your items submitted for our use now and in the future; just as it is vitally important for our preservation and collections team to have an understanding of the object you are submitting to us.

Future researchers and visitors to the Heritage Foundation of Williamson County will have you to thank for sharing your story – your life experience – with them as they work to understand our lives during this historic time. Let us all do our part to share our story and #KeepItGoing now and in the future!